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Maler Peter (Johanson) Johnson

Ane Sophie Jensen 177

  • Født: 6 Dec. 1848, Dame, Fanefjord, Mønbo, Præstø, Danmark 177
  • Døbt: 4 Feb. 1849, Fanefjord Kirke, Fanefjord, Mønbo, Præstø, Danmark 177
  • Ægteskab: Maler Peter (Johanson) Johnson den 6 Jun. 1875 i Eureka, Californien, USA 176
  • Død: 12 Mar. 1897, Humboldt County, Californien, USA i en alder af 48 år 176

punkttegn  Generelle notater:

Hello Virginia, Merle and Art

I must say it is a very convincing argumentation and the timeline Virginia has produced. I agree very much that there are no doubt that Peters wife Sophie is our missing Ane Sophie Jensen. So in my records I have decided to add in these conclusions.

In this connection may I gently ask where are we regarding conclusions about Frank? I think I have lost track on this subject!

Med kærlig hilsen
Warm regards

Fra: Ken [mailto:ksmallwd@thegrid.net]
Sendt: 19. juli 2009 02:25
Til: Lars Pedersen; 'Grandwiser'; 'Merle Nelson'
Emne: Peter and Sophie Johnson

Hello Lars, Art and Merle,
I have a little more information on Sophie and Peter. Peter was listed as a painter in the 1885 Hydesville City Directory. After Sophia died in 1898, this Peter married again, to a Norwegian-born woman named Mary, with whom he had three children. He was listed as a painter in both the 1900 (as Peter R. Johnston), and in the 1910 censuses. He was the right age in both censuses, and also born in Denmark, just as the Peter Johnson who lived with his wife, Sophie, was in Hydesville in 1880.
Further, I have a death notice for Sophia, Mrs. Peter Johnson, from the Humboldt Times, 12 March 1897. It doesn't say much, though. No children were listed, and she had been sick for two and a half years with undescribed illnesses. The funeral was in the Methodist Church.
I also have an obituary, death notice, and a funeral notice for Peter R. Johnson, who died in Eureka 9 Nov 1917, though the date of his birth was wrong in the obituary, Sept. 9, 1824. However, the death notice gave his age as 72 years, 1 month and 20 days. That would put his birth date at about 1845, which would match his age in 1880 census, as well as the 1900 and 1910 censuses. He left a widow, Mary, and three children, Harold; Evelyn and Edna.
We have Peter R. Johnson in the 1900 and 1910 censuses, in which he was the right age and from the right place and was a painter. I'm sure this is the same Peter Johnson who was in the 1880 Hydesville census as husband to Sophie and in the 1885 Hydesville City Directory, also as a painter. Note: Peter Johnson was shown in the 1900 census as Peter R. Johnston.
I have followed this family for awhile after Peter's death. With the 1925 and 1935 Eureka City Directories, I have found the son of Peter and Mary living at the same address where Mary had died. The 1935 directory this son with a wife, Helen. These people, of course, are not related to us, but it can be useful to follow the records such people because their descendants may have information and/or a photo of the person in which we are interested, in this case, Peter's first wife, Sophia.
Alternately, there may be clues in later records that tie-in with previous ones. An example of the latter is finding a Peter Johnson living in Hydesville in 1885, a painter, and likely the same Peter Johnson of the right age and heritage, living in Eureka in 1900 and 1910, who was also a painter - especially in the light of the fact that Carrie and Jens Jensen lived with a Sophia and Peter, first in Hydesville and then in Eureka.
The fact that other family members lived in the Hydesville area at about the same time adds weight to this being our Sophia. For instance, In 1892, Frank and Mary Johnson lived at Yager, which George C. Jensen said was near Carlotta, formerly called Hydesville. In 1880, Rasmus and Emma lived in Yager, too.
Below is a timeline of events, which - I think - shows that our Ane Sophie Jensen married Peter Johanson, who later changed the name to Johnson, and with whom Jens and Carrie lived, both in Hydesville and Eureka.


After 1872 when Rasmus emigrated from Denmark: Rasmus came to America, worked hard and sent for his brother, three sisters and his parents, according to George C. Jensen.
About 1872: a Dane, Peter Johanson, comes to Eureka after some time as a sailor, according to his obituary and 1900 and 1910 censuses.
17 Sep 1874: Anna Sophia Jensen, age 26 from Præstø leaves Denmark for San Francisco [see information from Lars, 20 June 2009]
6 June 1875: Annie Sophia Jensen marries Peter Johanson in Eureka, according to Eureka marriage records.
1880: Peter Johnson, 34, born in Denmark; and Sophia Johnson, age 31, born in Denmark, are enumerated in the census with 5 boarders in Hydesville. Peter's occupation is restaurateur [likely feeding those five boarders!]
1882: Jens and Carrie Christiansen [Jensen] come to America with two daughters
1885: Peter Johnson is shown in the 1885 Hydesville City Directory as a painter
27 June 1894, Carrie writes to Denmark, "As you know we are living at Sophie and Peter, just as we have for many years. Fathers name is also at the address and then the letter will be delivered here at Sophie and Peter, and we have also got the letter from your parents at the same address. This letter is also received on the same address. The letter you got back have not been here, because Peter look at his postbox once a week and sometimes twice. I think that you by mistake have used the old address, which you used when we were living at Hydesville." Also, she writes, " Some time ago I and father visited Maria, we used Peter's horse and carriage. There are more than 5 Danish miles out there. We stayed in 12 days and then we went home." [Italics and underlines are added by me.]
1892: George C. Jensen wrote in his journal of that time, "Sister went to live with my Uncles Pete Johnson in Eureka."
12 March 1897: Sophia Johnson, age 48, a native of Denmark, and wife of Peter Johnson dies. The funeral is at the Methodist Church. She had been sick "from a variety of diseases" for about two and a half years. Source: her obituary.
about 1898: Peter Johnson marries a woman named, Mary, according to the 1900 and 1910 censuses.
1900: Eureka census: Peter R. Johnston, age 53, born in Denmark to Danish-born parents, immigrated to the U.S. in 1872, in the U.S. for 27 years, a painter. Wife, Mary, age 30, born in Norway, and children, Harold, b. Apr 1899, and an infant daughter, b. Apr 1900. The children were b. in California to a father born in Denmark and mother born in Norway.
1910; Eureka census: Peter R. Johnson, age 65, born in Denmark to Danish-born parents who spoke German in the home, immigrated to the U.S. in 1873, a painter. Wife, Mary, age 41, and children, Harold, age 11; Evelyn, age 10, and Edna, age 8. The children were b. in California.The children were b. in California to a father born in Denmark and mother born in Norway.
25 June 1924: Mary Christine Johnson, widow of Peter R. Johnson, dies in Eureka at age 53. She came to the U.S. from Norway as a young girl. She is survived by three children: Harold P. Johnson; Mrs. Evelyn Langdon and Mrs. Eda Hammond. Source: her obituary.
1925 Harold Johnson lives at the same address where his mother, Mary, lived at the time of her death, 1604 K Street, Eureka. He was a mechanic. Source: 1925 Eureka City Directory.
1935 Harold P. Johnson, a mechanic, was still living at 1604 K Street, this time with a wife, Helen.S ource: 1935 Eureka City Directory.
Well, that's what I have right now. I really do think this is our Aunt Sophie.
Med kærlig hilsen, Virginia

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Subject: SV: Sophia Olsen and Sophia Johnson

Hello Virginia, Art and Merle

Virginia is writing that the Annie Sophia Jensen was married 6th June 1875. This also means that if she is our Sophie she must have come to USA before that date.
In the immigrant data base I have found following:

Name: Jensen, Anna Sophia Occupation: Virgin
Age: 26 Destination: St. Francisco
Contract No.: 214300 Registration at police before departure: 17th September 1874
Living latest in Parish: ? Living latest in District: Præstø
Living latest place: Soender S., Præstø Destination country: USA
Destination city: San Francisco Destination county: California
Shipname: No shipname - travelling indirect
ID code: I7374J6012

Could this be of any help?

I have also found Ane Sophie Jensen going for Cedar Falls, Iowa, but she is leaving Denmark in 1880, which don't match the trail you are following.

Med kærlig hilsen
Warm regards

\f4 176


punkttegn  Begivenheder i hendes liv:

• Emigration, 17 Sep. 1874. 176 Ane Sophie Jensen foreviser billet til USA hos politimyndighederne

• Folketælling, 1880, Hydesville, Humboldt, Californien, USA. 176 Husstanden består af:
Peter Johnson, 34, født i Danmark
Sophia Johnson, 31, født i Danmark
5 logerende
Peters beskæftigelse er restauratør, hvilket antagelig alene betyder, at de 5 logerende er på kost.


Ane blev gift med Maler Peter (Johanson) Johnson den 6 Jun. 1875 i Eureka, Californien, USA.176 (Maler Peter (Johanson) Johnson blev født i 1845 176 og døde den 9 Nov. 1917 176.)

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